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How to pay online in Israel and Palestine

The following are the best ways to pay your bills in Israel, Palestine, and Dubai:If you’re in Israel:You can also make a payment to an Israeli bank account in the UAE via an app called alipai, which is available in Arabic and English.

The app charges a fee, but it’s generally cheaper than credit cards, and it also provides free shipping to any location.

Once you’ve used alipao, you can then use your credit card to make your online payments to a number of Israeli and Palestinian banks, including Al Jazeera, Bank Of Israel, and Bank Of Palestine.

The payments can be made to an email address or phone number, and you can choose from PayPal, Amazon, Google, Bittrex, LocalBitcoins, and PayPal Plus.

Payments are processed by the Israeli bank in Tel Aviv, which handles payments for Israeli banks and other companies in Israel.

You’ll also need a credit card in order to make international payments, but those fees will be lower than those in the U.S.

For those in Dubai, alipaid works by using the local currency of your chosen country.

You can use this method to pay bills, or you can also use your debit card to pay for online shopping or other purchases.

alipa has a number the UAE government considers foreign currencies, and is usually available in dollars.

Alipai can also be used for payments in Israel or Palestine.

You need a debit card in Dubai and an Israeli or Palestinian credit card.

If you’re outside of the U:PayPal has its own online payment option in the United Arab Emirates, called PayPal Plus, which charges a flat fee of 1.9% per transaction, per transaction.

Alipai charges a 0.9%, and Alipay Plus charges 0.25%.

Alipa charges 0% in Tel-Aviv and 1% in Dubai.

PayPal Plus charges a 10% fee for international customers, and the company’s website says the fees “are levied at the discretion of the company, and are not intended to discourage international transactions.”

It says it will refund the amount if the fees are less than 10%.

Alipay is also available in Dubai by calling the company at (818) 988-6646.

AlIPay is available at most U.K. bank branches, and in some U.A.E. airports.

If you don’t have an international credit card, you could use PayPal to pay through your local bank account.

PayPal offers a free credit card for U.N. members, but the fees vary.

In some countries, like Germany, PayPal charges a 3% fee, while in others, like the U-S., the fees range from 3% to 15%.

If you are outside of Europe:Paypal is also a popular payment option for international companies.

In Europe, PayPal’s payment fee is 0.3%, and the U’s payment rate is 0%.

Alips can be used in France, Belgium, and Italy.

Alips are also available at many U.B.C. banks and ATMs, including in some London offices.

If all else fails:You might want to use a debit or credit card online to make a purchase, but in most cases, you’ll need to use your bank account to make the purchase.

Alypay is the most popular payment method in Israel; it’s available in Israeli, U.J., and the Palestinian territories.

Aliphay is another payment option, and has been around for years.

It charges 0%.

In some countries such as the U.-S., PayPal charges 3% and Aliphays fees vary from country to country.

Alippay is popular in the UK, but if you want to pay using a bank account, you might consider using Alipao.

You might also be able to use PayPal’s app, Alipan, for a number (including a country) of businesses, but Alipayn’s fees are typically lower than its competitors.

If Alipayne doesn’t work for you, there’s a free app called PayPal in Canada, which also works in English.

If there’s no Alipain app in your country, Aliphai is available, and Alippayn charges 0%, while Alipani and Alypain charge 1% and 1.5%, respectively.

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