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What is a GOOGLE Pay?

GOOGLES pay is a mobile payments service, it was announced by the mobile payments giant on Friday.

It allows users to pay for goods and services by sending a text message or receiving an email, or in case of a mobile phone, by using the company’s mobile apps.

The service has been offered by GOOGS mobile payment subsidiary GOOB.COM for a year and GOOGE.COM’s Pay Mobile for mobile is currently available for Android and iOS.

“The GOOGB.COM mobile payment platform offers consumers the opportunity to pay with mobile phone,” the GOOgs mobile payments division said in a statement.

“By enabling customers to pay via text message, email or by using GOOgles mobile apps, GOOO Pay is making it easier for consumers to buy, shop and receive goods and service.”

GOOGI.COM said it was working with other payment providers to implement this new payment method.GOOGLESTREAM.COM is a web-based payment solution that allows users of mobile payments platform to send payments to each other.

The platform is available in all major countries and the service has received a major boost in popularity since the company launched it on the platform in May 2017.

The company said the GOGG.COM Pay Mobile service would launch in India in the second half of 2017.

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