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Naked mobile payments: Best mobile payments

In a year when most people are looking to buy a new smartphone every few weeks, the mobile payment market is booming.

And for a country where mobile payments are still not a household word, the popularity of mobile payments has been phenomenal.

As a result, a new app called Naked Mobile Payments is launching today that is aimed at helping people who don’t have a bank account, pay their mobile bill using just a few taps.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

It allows users to pay for their mobile phone bills using cash or credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

And unlike most other mobile payments apps, the app is free.

The founder of Naked Mobile Payment, Chris Tufano, says the app has been created to help people in Cambodia who don´t have a regular bank account to get their mobile bills paid.

“It’s really important to have an account because they need money to pay their bills and to get money to buy groceries,” he told Reuters News Agency.

“For the average person, they don´tt need to spend money.

It can be done on their phone.”

Tufano said people don´T use credit cards to pay mobile bills, because they don’t want to lose their cash.

And in Cambodia, where many people are already dependent on cash for daily expenses, a person who pays their mobile card bills by credit card can use their bank account for payments, he said.

Naked Mobile Payments will allow users to use their PayPal or Credit card, or their debit card for payments.

And the app will let users pay their bill with a few tap on their screen.

Tufanos said he started Naked Mobile Paying after he realised that many Cambodians don´ t know about prepaid mobile payments.

“I thought, why don´tis it time for a mobile payment app, I guess,” he said in an interview.

Named after the Thai word for “pay”, Naked Mobile Mobile Payments aims to make mobile payments accessible to all, not just the poor.

“Naked Pay has been made for the Cambodian poor because of the high unemployment rate in Cambodia,” Tufanos told Reuters.

“Most of the Cambodians are still living in poverty.”

He hopes the app can be used by other poor people, particularly those who can’t afford a bank card, as well as by the elderly.

“We are targeting the elderly and the disabled because those people need mobile payments, and the elderly cannot pay by credit cards or debit cards, so they can use our app,” he explained.

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