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How the Dodgers plan to pay off their 2018 payroll

By JOE BERMAN The Dodgers have a new manager, and it’s the kind of change that could change how the team handles payroll.

The Dodgers plan on paying $1.3 billion to their payroll in 2018, according to MLB’s rules, and that includes a $500 million commitment to their international signings, as well as $1 billion to international bonuses.

That means the Dodgers will be paid $1,100 for every home run they hit in 2018.

That’s a massive increase from 2017, when they were paid $600,000.

The difference is that the Dodgers have now added $750 million to the payroll, and if they hit $1 million for every homer they hit, that’s going to increase the payroll to $1 trillion.

The new manager is Matt Kemp, who has been a big part of the Dodgers’ success in 2017 and 2018, but also the Dodgers had the highest payroll in baseball.

They made the playoffs in 2019, and their record is 30-20.

The Dodgers will need Kemp to keep the payroll in line, and he will have to do that with a team that has made the postseason three of the last four seasons.

Kemp will have an enormous amount of responsibility on the team.

There is a question mark over whether he will be able to make it work.

The 2017-18 Dodgers made a splash with their new international signings and Kemp is not one of those players.

He has been injured twice, both times while playing in the majors, and the Dodgers made him a free agent.

The team also cut the $500,000 commitment Kemp made to international bonus money.

The 2018-19 Dodgers did not.

Kemp has had a busy few months.

He had surgery on his right knee to repair a torn meniscus and has not been able to play since.

He also missed some time in 2018 after a blood clot in his left knee made it difficult for him to get on the field.

The injury was aggravated when Kemp got hit in the face by a pitch from left-hander Michael Pineda in the first inning of the game on May 6.

Kemp has been out since May 21.

The left-handed-hitting Kemp is expected to be in uniform on Tuesday against the Padres.

The veteran pitcher will be a major difference in the Dodgers lineup, especially when it comes to making the postseason.

Kep is still a young manager, so he has some work to do, but his hiring will be big for the Dodgers.

The most notable factor is that Kemp is the only manager to ever lead a team to a World Series championship.

In a few years, he will become the first manager in baseball history to lead a World Champion team to the World Series in a full season.

The team will be playing for its third World Series title in four years, and they will have the most money of any team in the National League.

It’s not a coincidence that the team has won the most games in the NL this season, winning 102 games, and has made some big-time signings, including the return of Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner.

There are many reasons why the Dodgers are one of the most successful teams in baseball, but the fact that they are paying their players well is not the only one.

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