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Boost Mobile Payment Buy subscription Mint’s mobile payments service launched in India, but is there enough money for the country to support the service?

Mint’s mobile payments service launched in India, but is there enough money for the country to support the service?

The mobile payments platform Mint, which offers a way for people to send money from their smartphones to the country’s financial institutions, is launching in India.

Mint was launched in 2014, and its launch has been delayed by a number of regulatory hurdles, including concerns about privacy, data security, and lack of a mobile network.

But Mint’s service has quickly gained traction, and it has attracted an international audience of more than 2.5 million active users.

Mint said on Tuesday that it expects to have 100 million users in the next year, with an initial investment of about $30 million.

“We’re really excited about India,” said Mint co-founder and CEO Maitra Sen, adding that it has a huge population of over 100 million people.

“We’re very excited to have an opportunity to partner with the Indian government.”

India has seen its digital economy hit by a series of crises.

In April, the central bank suspended withdrawals of foreign currency, which hurt consumers, and in June, the Reserve Bank of India stopped issuing its own digital currency, the rupee.

But Mint’s move has attracted some praise from those in the country who want to continue the growth of digital payments, and Sen said the company is committed to expanding its reach.

“It is great that India is taking this step to ensure that the country is not stuck in a digital-only economy,” she said.

“It is also great that the government has taken this step because they want the economy to grow.”

Mint’s services will also be offered through a mobile app, but the company said it will be able to offer the service across mobile, desktop, and web browsers.

Mint is already a partner of BHIM Payments, an online payments platform that allows people to pay for goods and services through the internet.

Sen said Mint plans to expand its reach with a new service called Mint Cash, which will allow people to use Mint’s technology to make cash payments.

“I believe we can build a really big, global, global mobile payment ecosystem with Mint,” Sen said.

“Our service is built around payments in a way that you can do payments in real time,” she added.

“So, you can pay for things at the end of the day, in real-time, in your pocket.”

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