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Boost Mobile Payment Contact When NFL players can pay their bills using mobile payments

When NFL players can pay their bills using mobile payments

The NFL is rolling out mobile payment technology for its players to help ease the transition from physical cash to digital wallets.

With a new app that can be downloaded on the mobile platform of your choice, players can access their bank accounts online, transfer money to their accounts and check their balance.

The system works in the same way as traditional cash transactions, but it has the added benefit of allowing the NFL players to pay their NFLPA salaries on their smartphones, which is convenient for fans.

Players can pay bills online with their phones using a new payment app for the NFL Players Association.AP Photo/Evan Vucci”It’s a really exciting opportunity to be able to be with players around the country and to make payments in a way that they don’t have to leave their homes,” said NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.

“It will allow players to have that connection, to have a way to check their account balances, pay their bill, and not have to go out and buy a new mobile device.”

Players will be able use the NFLPA app to pay for their daily and weekly league activities, as well as for player-related items like tickets, merchandise, or parking tickets.

It’s the latest move by the NFL to take advantage of the mobile payment industry and the growing popularity of online shopping and other services, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

The NFLPA launched the mobile app to support the players’ new payments system in early 2016.

The league is working with its players’ union and partners to roll out the app, including a new online store for players, according to NFLPA President and CEO DeMaine Jackson.

Payments through the app are not limited to the NFL.

Players can pay for items with a credit card, pay for games or other events with a phone, and pay for merchandise with a physical gift card.

The new app, which allows players to log into their bank account online, allows players the ability to pay directly from their smartphones without the need for a physical transaction.

Players who want to use the app can simply check their credit card information.

Players will also be able sign up for free to the mobile payments app and sign up to receive a free, 30-day trial, according the NFL’s mobile payment program.

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