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Boost Mobile Payment Contact Why you should ditch your mobile phone, according to the UK’s top scientists

Why you should ditch your mobile phone, according to the UK’s top scientists

Scientists in the UK say that you should never use a mobile phone when you can use a computer.

It’s not just a waste of time, they say, but could cause health problems in the long run.

The findings, published in the BMJ, came from the UK government’s National Institute for Health Research (NIR) and were based on a survey of 4,000 people aged between 18 and 69.

The survey found that people were more likely to use a phone if they had health problems or problems with the mobile network.

The scientists also found that the number of people using a phone decreased as the number that they could use increased.

Health experts believe that a number of factors may influence the use of mobile phones.

For example, some people who use mobile phones because of the increased use of other technologies such as tablets or laptops may be less concerned about how they look on the device and instead use them to look at their smartphones.

Others may simply be more inclined to use the phone for things that they need to do on a daily basis such as emailing, reading news articles or browsing the internet.

“Mobile phones are a great technology to have in your pocket but, as an individual, we know that there are health benefits to the use and use of them,” said Prof Andrew Dunt, an associate professor in the department of medicine at Queen Mary University of London.

“It’s important that we recognise that not all users are in the same position, or are willing to sacrifice health for the sake of convenience,” Prof Dunt added.

The survey found a clear preference for the smartphone over other devices.

“A clear majority of those surveyed have a phone in their pocket, but a majority also have a mobile device that is not always the same size,” Dr. Michael Moller, a researcher at NIR, said in a statement.

“The majority of people with health problems, or who are unable to use an alternative technology, also use their mobile phones to look up information or to find out what services they can get.”

The findings may also affect the number and size of health benefits a person can expect from using a mobile.

The researchers found that some people in the study who did not have health problems had significantly higher use of the mobile phone than those who had health conditions or were using alternative devices.

Researchers from the NIR are currently studying how the smartphone and mobile phone use patterns affect the health of people over time.

It may also impact how people use the internet, especially in the age of social media.

The NIR also found a negative correlation between the use or lack of use of a mobile and the number on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More news from the BBC World Health Organization:

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