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Boost Mobile Payment Buy view Apple Pay 2.0 for iPhone X to be released by November 30

Apple Pay 2.0 for iPhone X to be released by November 30

Apple Pay is getting an upgrade to the iPhone X, the company announced today.

The update will bring a new NFC payment option to the device and include the ability to make payments using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Apple Pay also now supports NFC-enabled QR codes.

Read moreApple Pay 2, or 2.1, will be available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and watch this month, and it will include an upgrade for iPhone owners.

It also includes a number of new features, including support for Apple Pay’s new NFC feature and support for QR codes for Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch series 3.

Apple Pay will also now include Apple Pay support for the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Pay Gold, along with Apple Pay Platinum and Apple Payment Gold.

The company is also introducing the Apple Pay Quick Pay feature, which will allow users to add their iPhone and AppleWatch payments without having to download the app or have their device connected to the internet.

Apple has also confirmed that the company will be rolling out an upgrade that will include support for a new iPhone X in November.

The upgrade to Apple Pay for iPhone users will be included in the November launch.

The update to Apple Watch and ApplePay Platinum is available for all existing Apple Watch owners.

All existing Apple Pay payments will be supported on Apple Watch.

Apple is also making a number other changes to its payment process, including removing the need to have a third-party payment processor to accept Apple Pay transactions.

Apple is also announcing that the process for adding a payment processor has been simplified to support the new Apple Pay feature.

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