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How to Use Bumble Payments to Buy Goods on the Mobile Market

The bumble payment app has officially launched its mobile app, which allows users to buy goods and services through the service, in a move that is expected to attract new customers to the platform.

The service, which is also available on desktop, is available to pay for items on the platform for both Android and iPhone.

The company said the launch of its mobile application will enable users to easily buy goods on the bumble marketplace.

The bumbly payment app, launched on June 1, is the first of its kind in the bumbling market, which includes payments through a mobile app and traditional brick and mortar stores.

According to bumble, it will allow consumers to buy and sell goods directly from the bumbling marketplace.

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Read moreWhen the app launches on iOS and Android, users will be able to make purchases by scanning QR codes and entering payment details, with the app then automatically sending a confirmation email to the seller.

According to the company, it has already secured a $3.4 million investment from the US investment bank Goldman Sachs, which will allow the company to grow and grow.

It said the company has raised a total of $1.8 million in its seed round.

The bumbles will be supported by a large number of companies and individuals including Apple, eBay, Walmart,, Visa, Amazon, and more.

Bumble has been working on a bumble payments platform since last year, and the company was recently acquired by e-commerce giant eBay.

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