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Boost Mobile Payment Buy view What you need to know about Singtel Mobile Pay

What you need to know about Singtel Mobile Pay

The telco is offering a $5 mobile payment option for its subscribers, and customers who want to pay with the new payment option can do so for $10, up from the existing $5.

Singtel Mobile has also launched a new app for its mobile payment services called Pay, which will let users pay for purchases online.

The app will be available in Canada, United States, and Australia on March 4.

It’s available to download for free from the Singtel app store.

The company said the new mobile payment service is aimed at customers who have opted out of paying with their mobile devices in the past.

But it says its app will help customers avoid unwanted fees that may come with mobile payment.

“With the mobile payment app, customers can use their mobile device to pay for any transaction without worrying about being charged an extra fee,” the company said in a statement.

“Customers can also manage the fees they incur using a smartphone or tablet, so they can manage and track their mobile payments with ease.”

While the company has not yet released pricing information for the new service, the new app is aimed specifically at customers that don’t want to spend money on a credit card and want to use their smartphone or tablets to make payments.

The company also said it would offer a new mobile credit card for $5 per month for the next three years, up to a maximum of $200 per month.

Singtel says it will provide customers with a free, one-year trial of the new Singtel mobile mobile payment system on April 30, and will offer customers with existing accounts the option to opt out of the mobile payments service for one year.

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