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Boost Mobile Payment Contact How Juniper mobile payment could be a ‘game changer’ for medical research

How Juniper mobile payment could be a ‘game changer’ for medical research

Juniper Networks Inc., the nation’s largest wireless network, has said it wants to start using mobile payment technology to pay researchers and patients.

Juniper Chief Executive Officer Michael Schatz said the company is working with several research and development organizations to start a pilot program with research centers to offer payments for medical tests.

Junosignal, a payments system for hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers, has been trying to make the technology more popular with consumers, especially doctors.

In the coming months, Schatz says, the company will launch a pilot for research to see if medical users can be more comfortable using the technology.

“This is not a new concept.

There is a market for mobile payments, it’s just that it’s going to take a while before we have a good set of tools,” Schatz told analysts in a video call on Wednesday.

JunoNet will also work with universities to provide payments to doctors, hospitals and other researchers.

Schatz said Junosignals medical payments partner will be a large healthcare provider and that he believes medical research is “a big opportunity for us” to help spur a medical technology revolution.

The company will start the pilot program by partnering with a medical research center, the CEO said.

Schulz says the pilot will involve payments to all researchers and researchers at the medical research centers.

He declined to specify the cost.

Junodesignal plans to provide medical research and clinical data to Junosigningal for research and the program will also offer payments to hospitals for tests and diagnostic services, Schulz said.

He declined to provide a cost estimate for the pilot, saying that he has not spoken with the hospitals.

Junotals medical and research payments provider will work with other medical research institutions to offer medical research services for Junosignedal medical research customers, Schutz said.

Junoseignal is working on the pilot and is already making plans to launch it, Schantz said.

The company has signed a deal with the University of Miami to start accepting payments for tests from the University’s Health Services Research Consortium, he said.

The University of Florida recently partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to begin accepting medical payments for research services, according to a news release from the UF Department of Health.

The University of Virginia is working to set up a similar pilot program, the release said.

Junosigntal has been a leader in medical research payments for years, according the release.

Junoteignal says it has invested $1 billion in medical device payments, the largest amount in medical payments by any company.

Juniper also has invested more than $800 million in medical and medical device technologies.

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