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Boost Mobile Payment Blog Barclays’ BNP Paribas, JP Morgan to launch mobile payments in Australia

Barclays’ BNP Paribas, JP Morgan to launch mobile payments in Australia

Barclays has agreed to allow banks to launch “mobile payments” to customers in Australia, the first time a major bank has allowed its customers to use its mobile payment platform.

The Barclays Group, the world’s biggest financial services company, said it had agreed to fund mobile payments through the New Zealand-based payment processor Citibank.

The move follows the launch of mobile payments at Barclays in February, which was the first bank to offer mobile payments on its mobile app.

Banks are already offering mobile payments via mobile apps for customers in Europe, but it has yet to happen in Australia.

Banks across the world are offering mobile payment services, including credit cards, debit cards, cash, and prepaid cards.

In addition to offering mobile apps, Barclays also offers an online banking app for users to make payments and use its ATM and branch services.

Its mobile payment solution was previously limited to Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, but Barclays said in February that it would expand its services to other countries.

“We believe this is the first step towards allowing people to access and use our payment solutions globally,” Barclays chief executive David Hill said in a statement.

“The addition of mobile payment to our payment platform is a major milestone and we are proud to be a part of this evolution.”

He added that Barclays had agreed “to contribute to the funding of this project through Citibanking”.

Bankers in the US have been using mobile payments to offer convenience and speed to customers for years.

Earlier this year, Bank of America announced it was working on an Android app for its mobile wallet.

“Bank of America will be launching an Android mobile wallet service in the coming weeks, which will include the ability to accept and transfer credit and debit cards to and from the bank’s online wallet, as well as mobile payments,” Bank of American said in an announcement.

“Customers will be able to purchase products from their online account and cash in at a Bank of Americas store.”

Banks have struggled to build a solid business around mobile payments.

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