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Boost Mobile Payment Contact Paypal: We’ll no longer be charging for Paym Mobile Payments

Paypal: We’ll no longer be charging for Paym Mobile Payments

Paypal has announced it is moving to stop charging for mobile payments on its mobile payments platform, which is being used by more than 10 million merchants worldwide.

The company announced the decision to stop the payments in the wake of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, which claimed the lives of 58 people.

PayPal CEO David Marcus announced the change in a blog post Tuesday, stating that the company is now working on a “better” solution to help consumers and merchants both in and out of the payments business.

“The Paypal Mobile Payments platform is the most popular mobile payments solution in the world,” Marcus wrote.

“We want to help our customers, merchants and consumers with the most secure, most convenient, and least costly payments in existence, while also providing our merchants and customers with the convenience and security they deserve.”

PayPal will still offer a few mobile payments apps, such as PayPal Mobile Payment and PayPal Pay, that use an interface similar to Apple Pay.

The move is not going to affect all of Paypal’s payments.

In fact, Marcus said the company has plans to keep offering some mobile payments in its mobile apps.

For example, he said, he would continue to offer PayPal Mobile Payments to merchants and to people who want to buy a pizza from a restaurant near their home.

“We’re excited to expand our payments offering to more merchants and users with more advanced payment features, but this decision doesn’t impact those plans,” Marcus said.

“PayPal Mobile Payments remains one of the most trusted mobile payments solutions in the market, and we look forward to seeing what other opportunities we have for further growth.”

Payment startup ChainLink, which has been working on mobile payments, said it would continue supporting the PayPal Mobile payments solution.

“It is unfortunate that the decision was made at this time, but we have a commitment to continue supporting and providing PayPal Mobile payment solutions to merchants, customers and employees for as long as they require,” ChainLink CEO Rob Miller said in a statement.

“ChainLink is committed to supporting Paypal and Paypal mobile payments and will continue to work closely with our payment partners to ensure that our customers and merchants are protected.”

Paypal said it’s continuing to evaluate all options in order to determine how best to move forward with its mobile payment strategy.

The news comes after a string of mass shootings left dozens dead in Lasville, Tennessee, on Oct. 1.

Some of the victims were tourists and other victims were employees of Las Vegas-area restaurants.

A gunman opened fire on the concertgoers and then opened fire at a nearby country music festival.

The gunman killed himself and was later killed by police.

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